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Senior School

Philosophy & Religion

Philosophy and Religion is a lively subject which combines the basic structures and beliefs of a range of world religions with an introduction to philosophy and ethics. The subject is taught by our highly experienced teaching staff who trained in SAPERE Philosophy for Children (P4C) teaching methodology.

Our students are encouraged to be curious, independent and analytical in evaluating religious and philosophical ideas. There is strong emphasis on philosophical thinking across all the year groups and students are schooled in the art of thinking critically, a vital skill in their wider academic development.

We empower students to evaluate their own and others’ ideas, as well as form their own beliefs while respecting others’. Emphasis is placed on developing presentation skills, and in developing poise and confidence in the delivery of class debates and presentations.

At GCSE, students are encouraged to develop and understand their own personal values and beliefs whilst constructing logical arguments and developing their abilities to analyse and evaluate philosophical and religious ideas. Visits from local religious organisations such as Romsey Abbey and the Humanist Association, along with ethics focused visits from organisations such as Amnesty International and Animal Aid form a key part of enriching learning.

A Level Religious Studies

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