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Sixth Form

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a research-based qualification that is completed in Year 12 and complements an A Level study portfolio. Students research a subject of their choosing before producing a dissertation, investigation, performance or artefact.

Embley students achieve excellent results in the EPQs – 100% of our students achieved A* or A last year. The qualification is worth half an A Level and it is incredibly well-respected by universities. It teaches students essential research and writing skills that are required to succeed in higher education and the qualification is invaluable on a personal statement, CV or at interview. Many of our students applying to universities often receive reduced offers for A Level requirements if an A and A* grade is achieved in the EPQ.

A lot of our students choose to study an area that will contribute to their university course or a future career. In recent years, projects have ranged from designing and building a hybrid paddle/surf board to conducting a meta-research analysis on the diet of the Maasai tribe (the latter was highly commended by The Peter Watson International Scholarship). Other projects have focused on such things as laws on capital punishment in the US and Iran, George Orwell’s political views, as well as the design and materials used in eco-house building. The options for topics are limitless.

Although the nature of the project is individually-driven, students receive one-to-one guidance to support the requirements of their title. Tutorial discussions are a regular feature of the process and we use the vast experience of our staff and network with industry and higher education to support each student in the process of creating their project. Furthermore, we have close links with Southampton University’s staff and facilities to support learning and can arrange visits to the university to help with development and research.

Students taking three A Levels are expected to complement their academic portfolio with an EPQ.