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Prep School

Natural Sciences

Something amazing happens when children get outside the classroom. Thinking and exploring become even more fun, and children can find a fantasy world in the woods or a Science world for observations and measurements. Wellies and raincoats are part of growing up, whether we are learning or just jumping in puddles.

Our glorious 130 acre grounds of parkland and woods are an inspiration, whatever the weather. From Year 1, our children will benefit from a unique and enriched curriculum outside the classroom.

When we teach outdoors we can do so on a grand scale: children apply Mathematics skills they have developed in the classroom to the world around us; children become practical scientist – collecting and analysing data, making careful observations as well as making predictions in the real world; and art becomes interactive as our pupils use the school’s grounds to inspire the creativity within us all.

Each year, we run our own Spring Watch Week. Our children have a chance to focus on the changes happening around them, explore themes such as migration and the wingspan of birds, as well as observe the school’s nature webcams. The school works with the Hampshire Ornithological Society and our pupils benefit greatly from their expertise and knowledge.