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Sixth Form

Student Support & Leadership

We believe that the foundation of our students’ competence, confidence and compassion lies in our dedicated focus on pastoral care. We will not compare you to your peers or with so-called norms, and we strongly believe that every student is unique and deserves the support and recognition that they need as they grow.

Tailored learning experience

You will benefit from small class sizes, a personalised curriculum and regular one-to-one support sessions with your tutor as well as UCAS advice. This provides an environment where you will strive to achieve academic excellence. Combined with our career and university programme, this makes for a stimulating, successful and fulfilling experience.

Leadership opportunities

You will take an active role in the leadership of the school. Our Student Council meetings are modelled on the House of Commons Select Committee. Led by the Heads of School, the opinions and views of year group representatives are shared and the Headmaster responds to the issues raised. Each of our Year Group Leaders act as the student go-to person for each year group and, in Year 13, students are selected as Prefects and Heads of House.

Boarding and community

If you decide to board with us or join us as a Embley day student, you will become an integral part of our community where you will develop lifelong friendships and memorable experiences that will be with you for the rest of your life. We also recognise the significance of the unique partnership between you, school and home and do all that we can to make these important years happy, successful and a strong foundation for your future.

Student ambassadors

Our whole school engagement programme sees our Sixth Form students acting as role models to our younger pupils and you will have the opportunity to support the roll out of a number of curricular programmes, such as our Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses and co-curricular initiatives including sailing, golf and skiing, across the school.