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Senior School

Future Careers

We use subject and PSHE lessons along with tutor time to encourage our students to consider their ambitions, skills and interests and to help them think about how these may influence their plans for the future; be it A Level, university or career choices.

Embley’s Career Channel

All Embley students have access to our growing Careers Channel which features over 50 careers presented by a diverse range of industry professionals in bite sized videos for pupils across the whole school to watch and enjoy.

The range of careers covered includes architects, diplomats, technology consultants and consultant anaesthetists and feature people at different stages of their careers; from graduate to CEO. The channel is accessible to all Embley pupils from in school or home via Teams.

The videos are designed to inform and inspire students as they make important decisions about their subject choices, university and career paths. Embley students can access the Careers Channel via Teams. 

Sixth Form

Broadening Horizons & Future Careers

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Sixth Form

Preparing for University

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