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Florence Nightingale’s life and work, in which she used Mathematics to create long lasting change in our society, serves as an inspiration for our students as they study in her childhood home. Our highly experienced Mathematics teachers are passionate about seeing students achieve beyond their expectations. And with our small class sizes, we provide the best support and stretch to make sure they consistently make excellent progress.

We teach Mathematics topics in depth and we challenge students to problem solve and adapt methods to unusual questions. We build confidence by creating a culture that recognises mistakes as an integral part of learning and understanding and when our students see the progress that they are able to make, they come to believe that they can achieve anything.

Our students have the opportunity to attend a range of inspiring lectures at leading universities and the Embley Women in Mathematics Conference where speakers link Mathematics to topics such as disease control and disaster relief. We also work in partnership with the Royal Institute, developing the mathematicians of the future. We run problem-solving days and a cipher club that open up to the world of codes. Our UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) challenge club provides support to help our students take part in national challenges. We also offer the Free Standing Mathematics Qualification (FSMQ) in Year 11 alongside GCSE Mathematics. This is equivalent to an AS Level and helps prepare students for A Level Mathematics.

If students need a little extra support, they can attend one of our lunchtime or after school drop-in clinics. And if needed, we also provide one-to-one help if our students are unsure about a homework task or they need help preparing for a test or to review some work. It is amazing how often this extra support can make a significant difference to a student.

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