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Senior School


By studying the past, we help our students see how ideas and societies have developed over time, cultivating their historical thinking using a range of key concepts including cause and consequence, change and continuity, social diversity, interpretations and historical significance.

Our students become critical thinkers, developing an understanding of how history is an interpretation and how to evaluate and use evidence to discuss and challenge different views and opinions to reach conclusions.

From Year 7, we use an enquiry-based approach that includes a mix of overview and depth, focused on a range of British, European, world and local history. By the end of Year 9, our students have developed a chronological framework and a ’big picture’ of the past, having been stretched and challenged to develop their knowledge and understanding, while receiving individual support from our highly experienced historians to ensure they reach their potential. At GCSE, our students study topics in greater detail with an emphasis on deep learning and subject mastery.

In Year 9, we bring history to life through our residential field trips. Year 9 students visit the First World War Battlefields of France and Belgium, while GCSE pupils will have the opportunity to visit Berlin.

A Level History

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