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As part of our PSHE programme, we teach children about the skills and attributes they need to navigate the many opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face through school and beyond; ensuring that they thrive as individuals, family members and members of society now and for the future. 

We teach Personal, Social, Health Education as a whole-school approach to underpin children’s development as people and because we believe that this also supports their learning capacity. We use the PSHE programme from a specialist PSHE education provider, called Jigsaw. It offers us a comprehensive, carefully thought-through scheme of work which brings consistency and progression to our children’s learning in this vital curriculum area.

This also supports children’s personal development, including behaviour and attitude. Our programme also encompasses the school’s Safeguarding and Equality Duties, Fundamental British Values and the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) development opportunities provided for our children.

As part of our PSHE programme, we teach children about the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships, with particular reference to friendships and relationships with other children and adults. From Reception to Year 4 there is a focus on Relationships & Health Education, which builds to Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) in Years 5 and 6. 

Across the year during whole school assemblies, form assemblies and PSHE lessons, we cover the principles of positive relationships with a focus on the following themes. We use the RSE curriculum from Jigsaw, with each year group following an age specific programme:

Autumn topics: ‘Being Me In My World’ and ‘Celebrating Difference’
Spring topics: ‘Dreams & Goals’ and ‘Healthy Me’
Summer topics: ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me’

Year 5 and 6 have worry boxes in their classroom to add worries or questions as they move through the topics. As part of their ‘Relationships’ topic there is an emphasis on gaming. From Year 7 and above, RSE is addressed in the context of understanding healthy, respectful and safe relationships and therefore topics are introduced gradually and appropriately according to age and key stage, as per the PSHE Association and Government statutory rules and guidance. 

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