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Prep School
two young schoolboys using tablets in a classroom


Enhanced by tablet devices and a wealth of curated resources, our children learn about ICT and how to use its tools in a creative and safe context. Specialist teaching in coding and programming, led by our Head of Computing from the Senior School, provides our Prep School children with a rich and creative problem solving approach to coding.

In our dedicated Prep School ICT suite, our children explore and investigate the use of ICT using a broad range of software applications. The ICT curriculum enables each child to develop digital skills appropriate to their age and ability and effective techniques that support and augment their execution of (and progress in) other subjects within the school curriculum.

Our children learn to process information in databases as well as computer aided design, other control technologies, programming and computer science. They develop word processing, desktop publishing and presentation skills that they can use across many subjects.


Senior School Computer Science

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