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Prep School
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We ensure that every child is exposed to a diverse English curriculum at Embley, which promotes an independence in both thinking and writing style. Every child is able to access the curriculum at their level while given challenge to aid them in the mastery of different skills used within reading, writing and speaking. This is achieved by teaching a variety of literary works from an eclectic mix of popular writers: from Shakespeare to JK Rowling, Roald Dahl to Phillip Pullman and Lewis Carroll to Francesca Simon.

Our teaching staff work closely with our children on their personal targets and use ‘RRR’ (read, reflect, respond) and ‘Purple-polish’ to achieve mastery of skills and techniques. Our children are taught to be proud of their work and personal achievements and they gain confidence in their ability; ideas are shared, discussed and valued within lessons, with the understanding that all opinions are important as is the evidence to back it up.

Every child’s experience of literature is enhanced further through the accredited scheme ‘Accelerated Reader’ where individuals are encouraged to appreciate reading and explore a wider variety of genres independently. 

The English Department works closely with the Drama Department to provide children with a more in-depth experience. They follow the same texts and explore characterisation and plots in further detail to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the texts read in class.

Senior School English

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