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Prep School
A child showing the camera an egg basket they made for Easter during DT class

Design Technology

Design  Technology is taught through a wide range of fun, hands-on projects. From Year 1, our children have a fantastic time designing and creating products in our purpose built Design Technology workshop, which is well equipped with tools and materials.

Health and safety is instilled into our children from the youngest age and our children are encouraged to take pride in their work, be curious, think innovatively and develop problem solving skills. Projects involve working with wood, clay, plastic, fabric and metal. Our children learn a variety of techniques and processes such as injection moulding, vacuum and press forming and hydraulics and pneumatics alongside the more traditional yet invaluable skills of measuring, marking, cutting, sculpting, sawing, fixing and sewing. Pupils use tablet devices to help them design using apps, conduct web-based research and carry out video evaluations.

Our Design Technology programme in the Prep School serves as the foundation for Design Technology at GCSE and A Level. 

Senior School Art, Craft & Technology

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