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Daily routines

Our close-knit community allows our team to get to know the children really well and quickly identify and respond to their needs. Our parents and develop good relationships with our staff through regular contact at drop-off and pick-up times in addition to parents evenings. 

Lunch and snack times

Our  lunches are homemade by our resident chef Stuart and his team using local, fresh and healthy ingredients. We also provide a range of healthy snacks during the day. We serve milk and water at mealtimes and with snacks and cater for all dietary requirements. We try and make mealtimes as fun as possible and encourage everyone to try new tastes.

Daytime sleeping

We work with parents to ensure our children follow a consistent daytime sleeping pattern. We have sleeping bags to ensure that children are safe and comfortable in our quiet areas.

Toilet training

Our nursery staff work very closely with parents to help ensure a consistent approach to toilet training is applied at home and Nursery. We have lower toilets which are designed to encourage confidence and self-sufficiency and we have potties (but parents are also welcome to bring their own).