Embley Rangers - Summer Holiday Club Bookings

This week we welcomed our new Prep, Year 7 and Year 9 children who will be starting Embley in September. At Prep, the children spent the day with their new classes, starting to build new friendships, meet their teachers and join in lessons. At the Senior School, pupils were greeted with hot chocolate and pastries as they eagerly awaited a day packed full of activities and lessons with their peers for next year, which included ‘Rocket Mice’ (Science), ‘Rights & Dilemmas’ (Philosophy & Religion), ‘Can you crack a code?’ (Maths) and ‘Pop Art Monoprinting’ (Art) for upcoming Year 7s, and ‘Education in the Second World War’ (History), ‘What do Strawberries and Octopi have in common?’ (Science), ‘Solving Crimes with Art’ (Art) and more for upcoming Year 9s.

Our Welcome Days provide a great opportunity for pupils who are either moving up from our Prep to Senior School or are moving to Embley from a previous school, to experience Embley on a school day and get a feel for the exciting adventures that lie ahead for each of them.



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