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As the morning progressed it seemed like just another day at Embley, that is until a Scout helicopter landed on our Headmaster’s Lawn behind the Manor House, accompanied by highly experienced pilots and engineers from the Historic Army Aircraft Flight Trust.

The special guests visited the school to lead a series of workshops around careers in aviation and engineering and give tours of the helicopter itself. After delighting our Senior School and Sixth Form students, the helicopter flew over to our Prep School, where it was greeted by some extremely excited prospective pilots and aeronautical engineers – our pupils!

At Embley we aim to inspire our students to consider all avenues in life and equip them with the information and knowledge to do so. Events like this one are part of our continued commitment to a broad career enrichment programme, helping to developing an understanding of the different opportunities that are available and preparing students to make informed choices about A Level and university choices, and for the future world of employment.

The Historic Army Aircraft Flight (HAAF) Trust also links to Embley’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) programme. HAAF helps to preserve historic Army aircraft as a ‘living museum’ for veterans and by maintaining one example of each aircraft operated since the Army Air Corps inception in 1957. By having our CCF students present today, we help to educate them about the history of the Army Air Force, whilst embracing the future that they represent.

We hope that today’s brilliant event inspired them, and a huge well done to all of those involved in making it happen.



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