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Sixth Form

Art & Design Courses 

Our large, airy and open plan art studio and expert teaching team will help you develop into an emerging artist and designer. Similar to facilities offered at some of the top universities for art degrees, you will have a personalised ‘pod’ space for the duration of your A Level course; giving you ample space and flexibility to develop your art work. We also have a range of installation spaces where our students can experiment on a larger scale with their creative ideas.

During the first two terms of our A Level courses, you will participate in a series of workshops to allow you to explore our wide range of facilities and broaden your technical skills and visual understanding of different creative techniques. This will also help you to build an impressive portfolio of work. Our teaching staff will spend time discussing your personal ambitions and tailor the subject matter of your work towards your own interests as much as possible.

Yearly trips to galleries, links to local Arts universities and visits by creative professionals further inform the development of your creative practice.

Assessment of the course is by two components: a personal investigation (60%) and externally set assignment (40%).

Examination board: AQA

Art & Design: Three Dimensional Design A Level 

A Level Three Dimensional Design is an exciting and creative course for anyone interested in developing their understanding of the design and manufacture of objects and artefacts including traditional and modern products, architecture and furniture. During this course you will explore different material areas, investigate manufacturing methods and develop your skills in manipulating a wide variety of tools and equipment within the workshops. This will include developing cutting, shaping and finishing skills using a range of materials including timbers, polymers and metals. You will gain a passport of competence in different equipment within the workshop including, but not limited to, the soldering iron, centre lathe, wood turning lathe, scroll saw, pillar drill and brazing/ welding equipment as well as portable devices. You will also develop your digital technical drawing skills and use of CADCAM which will enable you to become a competitor within the global design and technology environment. It is a good course to choose if you are interested in a career in design, technology, science or engineering.

Where could the course take you?

This course is ideal for students wishing to pursue degree courses and careers in art and design, architecture, engineering, science, technology as well as product, fashion, set, exhibition and interior design.