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Sixth Form

Politics A Level

Politics is the study of power. Who gets what, why and how? There is no better time to be thinking about this, with all the changes taking place in the way we are governed nationally and internationally. Who really holds the power to make policy? Does our electoral system create the strongest governments? Are referendums the most democratic way to make decisions?

You will cover a broad range of topics and develop skills including critical analysis, problem solving and debate. You will analyse the politics of the UK and USA and explore the foundations of political thought, looking at liberalism, conservatism, socialism, anarchism and feminism.

In addition to independent study and group discussions, pupils will have opportunities to join extra-curricular groups and take leadership of events. In previous years, this has included a Model United Nations (MUN) group to discuss the challenges facing the world, learn about the work of the United Nations and debate global issues including climate change, conflict and human rights, and organising a mock election for all pupils.

Our Politics Department will help equip you with a political literacy and confidence to question and shape the challenges of the international world. They share their knowledge and passion to help students develop a mastery in the subject.

Assessment is by three exams containing short answer, source based and essay questions.

Examination board: AQA

Where could this course take you?

Politics can be taken as a joint degree with subjects like History, Philosophy, Economics or Business, or as part of a combined Social Science degree. In addition, Politics is a good A Level for those wanting to follow international relations, public policy, American studies or international development.