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Sixth Form

Physical Education A Level 

Physical Education (PE) is a subject that will motivate and inspire you due to its diverse and wide range of topics. You will study a variety of units that are delivered in depth by experienced and dedicated sports coaches. Whether you have a passion for physiology or psychology, biomechanics or the history of sport, at Embley you will find your interests are encouraged and challenged.

Your ability to analyse and interpret key factors on sport performance will be at the forefront of your studies, with much of the content being taught around your own sporting experience to maximise your learning and understanding. You will learn to think critically, evaluate and analyse your own approach, whilst reflecting on regular feedback for improvement.

You will take part in a selection of field trips, such as fitness testing workshops at leading universities as well as historical tours at famous sporting sites such as Twickenham and Lords. These trips are carefully structured to supplement the course content and provide our students with live and practical experience of their exam topics.

All A Level PE students will also have the fantastic opportunity to take part in the ‘2 Lengths’ course on mindset. We have collaborated with Commonwealth medalist and Olympic finalist in swimming, Chris Cook, to deliver the ‘2 Lengths’ course over one term during the first year of study. Our students have the privilege of meeting and working closely with Chris, who provides a personal presentation and structured feedback on how elite athletes are able to compete with the right mindset at the highest level.

You will be assessed at the end of the two-year course by means of a practical assessment and written examination.

Examination board: OCR

Where could this course take you?

A Level Physical Education is an excellent base for a university degree in sports science, sports management, healthcare or exercise and health. It can also complement further study in Biology, Human Biology, Physics, Psychology, Nutrition and Sociology.