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Sixth Form

Philosophy A Level

Philosophy is an amazing subject for questioning the preconceived. It will enable you to understand the nature of argument and to critically understand the arguments of others and explore some of the big questions there are such as ‘Do we really know anything?’ ‘Are we ever really free?’ ‘What is the nature of consciousness?’ and ‘Is there such a thing as right or wrong?’

Philosophy helps develop important transferable skills that can enhance other A Level subjects within both the Arts and the Sciences. You will develop a critical understanding of writers, such as Aristotle, Kant, Descartes, Hume and Mill and explore the themes of knowledge, morality, mind and body, and God and enhance your ability to question, work logically through complex issues and structure your own thoughts.

At Embley, we value highly the skills, knowledge and critical discipline with which studying Philosophy equips our students. This is why you can see Philosophy embedded throughout the Senior School curriculum within Philosophy, RS and PSHE. We also offer the opportunity for students to explore Philosophy within our co-curricular environment by joining the PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Group or one of our two debating clubs.

This course is assessed through two exams containing short answer critical thinking questions and essays.

Examination board: AQA

Where could this course take you?

Philosophy is highly valued by universities and employers alike due to its critical thinking and transferable writing skills. It would be beneficial to anyone wanting to enter a graduate training programmes or Law after university and is equally popular with those pursuing a career in Science and Medicine.