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Sixth Form

History A Level 

A Level History will enable you to study a fantastic range of engaging topics covering British and world history. It will ignite a passion for the past, as you study complicated historical questions in great depth. Topics focus on a mixture of political, social, economic and cultural history, which will help you see patterns and trends in history and to recognise the impact of past events on today’s complex societies.

This A Level is gained through coursework and assessment papers. In Year 12, you will study the early Stuarts and the origins of the Civil War (1603 – 1646); the execution of Charles I and the Interregnum (1646 – 1660); and the USA in the 19th century: westward expansion and Civil War (1803 – c.1890). In Year 13, you will learn about China and its rulers (1839 – 1989) and complete a 4000 word essay on an area of your interest. Our most recent student essay topics have been wide ranging, including the reasons for Henry VIII’s break with the Catholic church, the French resistance in the Second World War, the role of the Suffragettes in women winning the vote one hundred years ago and the reasons for the failure of the prohibition of alcohol in 1920s America.

By studying History, you will develop a wide range of essential skills which will be indispensable in your future studies. You will become an analytical, critical thinker and well informed decision maker, as well as a highly literate, persuasive communicator.

Progress is supported by regular help sessions and students are invited to attend A Level History revision conferences.

Examination board: OCR

Where could this course take you?

A Level History students will find all areas of study and all career avenues open to them. Previous students have gone on to study degrees in history, law, journalism, philosophy, politics and economics, languages and the sciences. History qualifications are highly regarded and graduates work in a variety of industries including the media, law, education, politics, international development and charity work.