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Sixth Form

Geography A Level 

This is an opportunity to study a fascinating, ever-changing and valuable subject: Geography is a multidisciplinary subject that stands astride the Arts and Sciences and will provide you with the ability to gain invaluable skills that employers are increasingly looking for.

We study the Cambridge International Exam Board because it enables our students to choose a diverse range of physical and human geography topics that are intrinsically interesting and relevant in today’s changing world. You will study issues such as climate change, coastal erosion, volcano management and population change, and gain essential transferrable skills such as being able to articulate well-informed opinions, suggest new ideas and provide evidenced argument on a range of issues. Through fieldwork excursions the Geography you study will be brought to life.

You will be encouraged to develop an enquiring mind, to investigate and be proactive in your learning and to become independent learners. At the same time, the detailed subject knowledge that we provide enables our students to reach the top grades, with many students choosing to continue their enjoyment of Geography at university level and beyond.

Our teaching staff provide outstanding subject knowledge, clear guidance and abundant energy for the duration of the course. All we ask is for you to work hard, aim high, ask questions and continue to search for answers, now and in the future.

You will be assessed through four written exams, each exam is one hour 30 minutes in length.

Examination board: Cambridge International

Where could this course take you?

Some of our past A Level students have gone on to lead successful careers, such as in the field of meteorology, chasing tornadoes in Tornado Alley, Oklahoma; working for the Environment Agency as a hydrology, flood risk and drainage engineer; and developing sustainable energy for a key energy company. Geography therefore provides many different pathways. With a multitude of transferable skills, geographers are eminently employable.