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Sixth Form

Further Mathematics A Level

Further Mathematics provides an enjoyable, rewarding, stimulating and empowering experience. It is a challenging qualification, which both extends and deepens knowledge and understanding beyond A Level Mathematics, with greater depth and new content usually taught at degree level. Our specialist Mathematics teachers have vast experience on how to guide you through this exciting and challenging A Level.

We hold our Further Mathematicians in high esteem. They are ambassadors for the subject across the school. This includes working with our Prep School to challenge our talented Mathematicians in Year 6, leading our Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses, clubs and supporting Mathematical events in school.

Further Mathematics contains two pure Mathematics modules and two applied modules. As a study group, you will choose the applied modules. This will be either further mechanics, further statistics or decision Mathematics (algorithms linked to programming).

Examination board: Edexcel

Where could this course take you?

Further Mathematics is required by a number of universities offering Mathematics degrees and it is beneficial for degrees in Physics, Computer Science and Engineering.