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Sixth Form

Chemistry A Level

Chemistry is everywhere – medicines, the environment and new smart materials are jus three examples. Increasingly, an understanding of chemical principles is becoming vital to understand, explain and improve the world we live in.

You will study Chemistry in a range of different contexts, through theory and practical work which together convey the excitement of contemporary chemistry. Our A Level Chemistry course is taught in small groups, providing each student with individual attention, tailored feedback and additional support when needed. Concepts are introduced in a spiral way with topics introduced early on in the course and reinforced later. There is a particular emphasis on an investigational and problem–solving approach to practical work.

During the two year course, students study: elements of life, developing fuels, elements from the sea, the ozone layer, medicines, the chemical industry, polymers and life, oceans, developing metals and colour by design. The course is assessed in three exams taken at the end of Year 13. Throughout the course, you will carry out a range of practical experiments which are assessed and reported separately to the A Level grade as a practical endorsement.

Examination board: OCR Chemistry B (Salters)

Where could this course take you?

A thorough understanding of Chemistry is a vital foundation for many university courses including engineering, medicine and pharmacy. Chemistry is also highly regarded by law degree course providers, where the use of precise definitions and accurate techniques taught in Chemistry are vital.

One of the most challenging (and rapidly growing) areas of Science is that of our environment and a firm understanding of the principles of Chemistry will be necessary if we are to work on the problems posed by human impact on this environment.

Chemists and biochemists are also playing a vital role in research on treatments and vaccines vital for the fight against Covid-19.