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Senior School

Computer Science

We help students appreciate – and not take for granted – the systems that are governing increasing amounts of daily life and help them understand the inner workings of these machines. We focus on building knowledge, skills and confidence from Year 7 so that our students feel ready – and eager –to tackle the challenges of Computer Science at GCSE.

In Year 7, students learn about data representation and computer systems as they begin to develop their computational thinking skills in order to program effectively and start to think like a software engineer. In Year 8, we focus on keeping systems safe online, developing further our students’ programming skills with more complex operations. They learn about networks and how the internet works, and they assess the efficiency of a given set of algorithms that perform the same task. By Year 9, our students develop into more confident programmers and application users who know how to make a computer ‘do’ things. At GCSE, students learn about how systems work and how to think computationally to solve problems. They undertake a non-assessed controlled programming project to develop their skills in preparation for A Level.

To help bring the subject to life furthermore, we participate in a range of regional computing activities including events hosted by IBM and the University of Southampton and we have a programme of guest speakers from industry who help reinforce the real-world application of the subject. We also take part in the annual United Learning ‘United APP’ competition, where each year students are tasked with designing an innovative, education app idea.