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Senior School

Business Studies

Our GCSE Business Studies course teaches the skills for modern business and management. Our specialist teachers come from a variety of different commercial backgrounds including banking, accountancy and professional sport, which adds context to lessons and makes learning applicable in the real world.

We nurture our students to become enterprising individuals who are effective problem solvers and decision makers; who know how to interpret and analyse data to make informed financial and commercial decisions.

We study business in a variety of contexts and students gain practical insight into business through a variety of real business case studies. In Year 10, we visit the Mini Plant at Oxford where our students are immersed in the real-world applications of business theory.

Our students work collaboratively on projects in order to learn how to create, work in or lead teams and participate in discussions and debates in order to make strategic choices when running a business. They are also encouraged to learn independently so as to ensure they develop the ability for enquiry and critical thinking.

A Level Business 

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