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Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh helps students broaden their horizons and develop friendships but perhaps most importantly it equips them with vital employability skills such as self-discipline, time management, problem solving and communication skills. We have several members of staff at Embley who are qualified to train and lead groups at all the different levels of the award.

Our Duke of Edinburgh journey begins in Year 9 with the opportunity to take part at the Bronze level. Three individual sections – a skill, a physical and a volunteering activity – are started as soon as possible while the expedition training takes place in groups with a qualified leader. A camp out at school is followed by a two-day practice expedition in the New Forest. The assessed expedition takes place early in Year 10, also in the New Forest. Once all the sections have been signed off as complete and the expedition presentation has been produced, the Bronze award is complete.

New students in Year 10 can join at Silver level and again the individual sections are tackled first. There is a weekend expedition training trip in the Meon Valley, to improve navigation and other skills, and a three-day practice in the Purbecks. The assessed expedition takes place in the Wye Valley area and once again a presentation completes the section and ultimately the whole award.

Sixth Form students are able to work towards the Gold level award which involves one extra individual section – a residential activity – in which the participant spends five days and four nights taking part in a shared, worthwhile activity with people they have never met before. The four-day assessed expedition will take place on Dartmoor with previous training taking place in similar ‘wild country’.