Embley Rangers - Summer Holiday Club Bookings

Boarders celebrated the end of another brilliant year with a water themed summer party! The theme was voted for by the Boarding Council and was a huge hit with all; from the slip & slide to the water fight and pool party.

We also presented our boarding awards and trophies, such as Boarder of the Year, Ging, Most Improved Boarder, Felicia, and thanked our Boarding Prefects, Ivan & Alvin, for their hard work and initiatives this year. Ivan & Alvin got to see their names immortalised on our Boarding Prefect scarf and they handed their duties, traditions and scarf over to Aidan, who will be Boarding Prefect from September.

It has been an incredible year, packed full with over 60 trips and activities – and that’s just the weekends! We have made memories to last a lifetime and we can’t wait to find out what’s in store in our next boarding adventures, as our boarding family grows to over 60 boarders next term. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Summer, from Mr & Mrs McCredie and the whole boarding family! ? #iloveboarding 


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