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A new Pupil Council committee has been formed at Embley Prep. The council, which has representatives from Year 2 to Year 6, will gather thoughts and ideas for change that will positively affect the school. As well as this, pupils can make suggestions on existing equipment that may need upgrading and suggest additions to our varied co-curricular programme.

The Pupil Council is made up of the following pupils:

Year 6 – Eirini L, Daniel T

Year 5 – Ellen ED, Issac S

Year 4 – Tilly G, William S

Year 3- Megan M, Munroe S

Year 2 – Oliver S, Zara D

This is a great opportunity for these pupils to develop their pupil voice and encourage them to have an impact on shaping the school, developing their leadership skills during the process. Well done to all involved.

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