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Prep School
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Pastoral Care

We believe that every child at Embley should be the best they can be and the foundation of their academic ambition, belief and compassion lies in our commitment to providing outstanding levels of pastoral care. We do not compare children and we strongly believe that every child deserves to be recognised as an individual as they grow.  

Home-school-child partnership

Strong relationships are at the heart of effective pastoral care and we place great importance on every aspect of the home-school-child partnership. We are proud to have a highly effective team who work closely with parents, our Senior Leadership Team and safeguarding leaders to ensure the happiness, well-being and safety of every child.

We run a number of programmes and initiatives which include talks, workshops and informal discussion groups that help equip our children with the life skills they’ll need to make well-informed decisions. We also provide a programme of parent workshops which offer guidance and ideas of how parents can support their children at home.

House system

Our Houses provide children with the opportunity to make friends and share experiences with those in other year groups and develop essential skills such as teamwork and collaboration. We have four Houses at Embley. Each House is named after famous and influential people in the local area – Austen, Chichester, Nightingale and Palmerston – and are represented by their own colours.

Young leaders  

As our children progress, they are encouraged to take an active role in the leadership of the school. Our Prep School Council comprises representatives from Years 1 to 6 and they meet regularly to discuss matters arising around the school and to organise fundraising events.

We believe that it is important to give pupils in Year 6 additional responsibilities to prepare them not only for Senior School but for their lives ahead. Prefects are selected to perform a range of supportive tasks around the school, to set standards and act as role models for others in the school.