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Prep School

Parents have never been so involved in their children’s education, yet many of the areas of the curriculum are taught differently today to how most adults were taught at school.

In this three-part series of parent talks recorded in the Spring, we take parents through the context and pedagogy that form the foundations of reading, writing and numeracy for primary aged children, and we offer strategies and techniques that you can use to support your children at home for both now and in the future.  


Reading opens up worlds for children, transforming symbols on a page into meaning and facts that connect knowledge to the text. Here, we will provide an insight into the processes involved in learning to read and the collection of skills that teachers help children develop to become independent readers, and approaches that you can use to encourage a love for reading at home. To watch, click here.  


Beyond putting pen or pencil to paper, writing is one of the most fundamental approaches to practice, engage in critical thinking and express oneself. From letter and word formation and sentence construction in early years to poetry, storytelling and report writing in Key Stage 2, this session shows how teachers scaffold a child’s learning to help develop their skill and confidence in writing, and provide tools that you can use at home. To watch, click here.


In modern Maths teaching the foundations and fundamentals are important, but there is so much more to inspire pupils. From the creativity and curiosity encouraged through problem solving to playing with and recognising pattern in numbers, we explain how Primary Maths focuses on mastery and then greater depth, starting with cementing the building blocks and foundations before focusing on deep knowledge. To watch, click here.