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Prep School
Florence Nightingale Plaque


History is a vital subject that helps children make sense of the complexities of the world through the study of developments which have made the world what it is today.

In Years 1 and 2, our children learn how to think chronologically and compare themselves with those from the past and ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions to further deepen their knowledge of history topics. We cover a range of topics such as using the history of toys to experience the world of Victorian England, and children are given a unique insight into the history of Florence Nightingale – because our school is within the grounds of the Embley Park estate where Florence grew up. From Year 3, our children learn about a variety of historical eras from Ancient Greeks to World War Two.

We believe that it is important and valuable to integrate the many cross-curricular links within our History topics and we incorporate subjects such as Art, Drama and ICT to bring the past alive. Through research, class discussions, the re-enactment of important historical events and the recreation of historical artefacts, we enhance curiosity, interest and learning of History.  

Senior School History

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