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We are delighted to introduce Alexa and Jameson, our Heads of School for the next academic year (2022/23). Alexa and Jameson will represent Embley across the school and in our wider local community. An Embley education is one that happens through the agency of students who are active and involved participants not passive recipients. Alexa and Jameson take on the mantle of leading that approach and steering the committees on Education; Environment and Peer mentoring as well as the School Council.

Alexa joined Embley as a short-term boarding student from Germany in Year 8 and then returned to Embley in Year 11 before progressing to A Levels. She said: “It was important to me, particularly as an international student, to challenge myself when applying for the Head of School role. I want to make a difference and having been a previous student here and enjoyed the broad range of opportunities I wanted to put myself forward. Embley equips students to be advocates of change and innovation and I look forward to leading that process.”

Jameson joined us from a Grammar School in Year 9, studying his GCSEs and then A Levels here. He said: “After finishing my GCSEs I had two offers to study A Levels at other independent Sixth Forms, but I chose to stay here because I knew the school so well and loved all that it has to offer. I knew that applying for Head of School would mean pushing myself, but I was prepared to take the challenge because I am so passionate about Embley. One of the main ideas I have is a scheme to combine Embley’s House system with charities. By doing so, we can not only challenge the students to make a difference in their respective Houses but support worthwhile causes at the same time. I’m excited to work alongside Alexa to implement our ideas – you’re going to see some big positive changes!”

Mr Canning would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Heads of School, Charlotte and Jack, for their fantastic achievements during the last year. They have left their mark and we wish them well at university.

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