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Year 12 English Literature students would like to introduce their new ‘Book of the Month’ series, designed to recommend novels that they are currently enjoying or have enjoyed in the past and would recommend to others. The first in this series is ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Phoebe in Year 12 provides the following review:

Our book of the month for October is The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. It is based on the powerful and haunting true story of Lale Sokolov. Sokolov was a Slovakian Jew who was imprisoned at Auschwitz in 1942. He was one of the tattooists at the concentration camp and he was responsible for issuing each of the prisoners with a number tattoo which was used for identification purposes. The book tells the story of Lale Sokolov falling in love with a girl who he tattooed, they arrange to meet each other on Sundays and their love blossoms despite them living in a nightmare.

It is a bittersweet story as we see the harrowing conditions of the concentration camp and the horrific treatment of the prisoners but simultaneously we see love as a constant. The main message of the story is ‘love conquers all’ and through every adversity the love between Lale and Gita is a symbol of hope and strength. This message is amplified as you read the book with the awareness that it is based upon a true story, making the impact on the reader even more profound. It is quite simply impossible to come away from reading this book and feel as though you missed the main message. The message is beautifully and respectfully conveyed throughout the entirety of the book.

This book is a true eye-opener and can be enjoyed from any perspective. It both educates about the conditions and experiences of those who suffered in the Holocaust and tells Lale’s heartwarming love story in equal measure. Reading this book will not be a regret and it can be assured that all the way throughout it, you will feel enlightened.

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