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Just before the half term break Embley celebrated National Poetry Week. Each day students from both the Prep and Senior School studied, performed and enjoyed the same poem. Poets were as diverse as Christina Rossetti and Benjamin Zephaniah and assemblies across the school shared the same theme. Pupils were also united in taking on the ‘Haiku Challenge’. Some amazing poems were written and the best from each year group can be enjoyed here.

Reception class 

An owl swoops quickly
They fly in the sky to trees
Through the shiny moon

Year 1 class

Brown leaves fall off trees
When you kick them they crackle.
Ants live in birch trees 

Year 2 – whole class 

Crinkle, crackle, crunch, 
The leaves fall upon the ground.
We like autumn lots 

Year 3 – Hanna

Rabbits are light brown
Hiding in the long wild grass
Hard to see rabbits 

Year 4 – Devon

Deer ran through the woods
Jumping over the fallen trees
They slowly run home 

Year 5 – George 

Beautiful eagle
Flying through the autumn forest
As the leaves fall down 

Year 6 – Amelia 

Mysterious trees
Curling through glistening sky
Magic in the wind 

Year 7: Jack

A bird flaps its wings
Breaking silence in the wind
Of the crisp morning 

Year 8: Mia 

Symmetrical stripes
Orange fur, blazing like fire
Golden eyes shine bright 

Year 9: Darcey

Handsome old robin
Feathers turning red to grey
As time slips away 

Year 10: Emily

Trees packed with green leaves
They change colour in autumn
With old age, they fall 

Year 11: Charlotte

Snow in the forest
Frozen branches sway in the air
And the stars explode  

Year 12: Edwin  

The snow falls gently
Leaving a soft, white carpet
Cold air nips our skin 

Year 13: Daniel

Leaves stir, the restless
Sun grants many silhouettes
Tears into the wind 

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