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Embley is crack-ing with egg-citement as we witness the growth of baby chicks for the second year. Our chicks hatching on Friday coincides with Prep pupils learning about food sources and how meat is produced, the life cycle of a chicken and how technology is used in farming in our Design Technology curriculum.

The eggs were in the incubator at Embley for 21 days and were regularly candled during this time (a bright light that shines through the eggshell). Now the chicks have hatched, they will stay in their brooding pen for about a week (this has a heat source which acts as a mummy hen) or until they will be moved to a larger cage. At about three months old, they will move outside. The excitement will continue as we discover if the chicks are male or female, something we can’t tell until around five months when the males will start to crow.

Mrs Smart, Head of Design Technology, said: “We currently have at least one Polish chicken, one Silkie chicken (they have five toes!) and one naked neck Polish (they have black skin, blood and bones). The rest are a mixture of types, and it’ll be exciting to see what they will turn into!”

The chicks will go on to live with Mrs Smart, Head of Design Technology, alongside her other chickens and sheep, Elsa, Ana and Housebrick. Thank you to Riverbourne Community Farm in Salisbury and Stuart, our Prep School Chef, who kindly donated the eggs.

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