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Monday 5 February marks the start of Wellbeing Week at Embley with a range of activities, talks and experiences planned for pupils across the school. The focus on the week’s activities are underpinned by the NHS’s five key points about supporting wellbeing: connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give. We are grateful to Embley Parents’ Association for their contribution to the cost of some of the Wellbeing Week activities across the whole school including our circus skills workshops at our Prep and Senior schools and a farm visit and mission possible team building day at Prep.  

Highlights of Wellbeing Week at Prep:

Highlights of Wellbeing Week at Senior School:

Leah Goodey, Embley’s Deputy Head Pastoral, commented: ‘By embracing the NHS’s five key points and integrating them into our school culture, we strive to create an environment where every student feels valued, supported and empowered. We are all looking forward to Wellbeing Week and a chance to really focus on nurturing the minds, bodies and spirits of our children. ‘ 

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