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Our Embley Tors have hit the ground running with a second weekend in the New Forest. Students experienced a challenging hike which followed a circular route and covered uneven terrain. They learnt how to cross rivers as a group which is a vital element built into the Mountain Leader Scheme to keep students safe in the mountainous terrain.

After a day of hiking, our adventurers enjoyed a chilly night watching Mr Musk’s satellites in the night sky – it was a unique experience for those unfamiliar with the phenomenon – including Mr Williams! It was a rainy start to the morning but the students showed great perseverance with the important task of cooking breakfast in extremely wet conditions! The hike continued as the day brightened and they enjoyed telling riddles and jokes along the way as they completed their 22 mile walk.

Everyone is looking forward to testing their mettle and navigational skills during their next training session on Dartmoor at the end of November!

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