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Hampshire Collegiate School has been renamed ‘Embley’ and the school has a new visual identity to strengthen and modernise how it is represented to pupils, families, colleagues and the communities it works with.

The changes come after pupils celebrated the best set of A Level results in the school’s history and a year-on-year increase in top grades. These results were seen across many academic subjects. For example, over half of all A Level leavers studied A Level Mathematics and 100% achieved A*, A or B and 100% of all Economics and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) students achieved A* or A. 

“Our new identity is reflective of the academic ambition we have for our children such that every individual has the self-belief to achieve their personal best. This goes hand in hand with helping all our pupils to be true to themselves; living authentic lives and showing compassion to those around them,” said Cliff Canning, Headmaster.

Embley’s new logo shows a double headed eagle – a symbol of hope, strength and courage – and the Hampshire Rose, both of which are woven into the original architecture that you can see today in the school’s Manor House.

The school’s colours, green and copper, are reflective of the school’s rural location and 130 acre estate of wood and parkland. Embley features in the Domesday Book and is Anglo Saxon for ‘clearing in the woods’. The new name will provide more consistency and ease of use for pupils and parents, and the people it works with locally and internationally.

Staff can be contacted via email (firstname.surname@embley.org.uk). This Autumn term will also see the start of a consultation with parents and pupils about a new school uniform.

If you would like to visit the school or enquire about our admissions process, please click here.

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