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Year 10 and 11 students had the brilliant opportunity to learn more about Spain by taking part in a language exchange with a Spanish school from Jaén. The trip provided a unique opportunity for the students to improve their Spanish and learn more about Spanish culture through a variety of activities, many involving Spanish students of the same age. 

Following an early flight, they arrived in the beautiful city of Malaga. The next day, students were excited to visit the Spanish school taking part in the exchange programme to meet their pen pals and working through lots of team building activities together. A treasure hunt of Jaén followed, where students had to practise their Spanish at the local market. This was followed by a delicious tapas supper.

While on the trip, students also had the chance to visit Granada and discover the mystery of Alhambra before saying a fond farewell to their pen pals at a fun-filled party. Students then headed to Madrid for a tour of the capital.

“My favourite parts were getting to meet the pen pals we had been emailing and being able to see different parts of Spain. We managed to go to three different cities which allowed us to see the differences.” – Ellie

“The Spanish trip was fun and different to any trip I’ve been on before. My favourite parts were when we spent time with our Spanish pen pals and when we went to Madrid. I would recommend that anyone who is doing Spanish GCSE and has a chance to go on a trip like this should go as you get to experience a different culture.”– Ben

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