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Boarding at Embley 

Boarding at Embley opens up a wide range of exciting experiences and academic opportunities where our dedicated team of staff support and guide our students through their time with us. We provide our boarders (Years 7 to 13) with a space they can call their home; where they feel safe, happy and content; where they learn and develop a sense of purpose and of themselves; and where they build life-long friendships. 

We offer full weekend programme for our long distance boarders and flexible boarding options for local children. To experience boarding at Embley for yourself, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to show you around the Boarding House or arrange a taster stay. Embley is part of United Learning, a successful group of five independent boarding schools and nine independent day schools across England.  

The Embley Experience 

At Embley we not only focus on providing an outstanding academic experience, but help children develop into competent, confident and compassionate individuals.