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Embley’s co-curricular activities resumed this week with some exciting new additions to the school’s extensive programme. ‘Embley Explorers’ is a new forest school club for Prep School children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, held on two separate days. 

This week the children were based at LOC HQ and explored the woods in Embley’s amazing 130 acre grounds. The older children made their own natural paint charts looking at tints and shades of a colour and then thought of names for their ‘paint’ colours. They then went onto make floor plans using sticks to make their dream house. The session finished with a thought about how to make the world a better place and the children were challenged to be amateur anthropologists and given the task of listening to other people’s opinions even if they didn’t agree with them or at times found it tricky.

The younger Embley Explorers had the challenge of seeing how many natural colours and textures they could stick to their paint charts. Then they had to write their names on them using sticks and mud! Everyone enjoyed to a story from a book called ‘Slow Down’ and afterwards the children were encouraged to listen carefully to the beauty of nature around them.

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