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Nursery have been very busy enjoying the autumnal season wit special activities and magical moments! During Outdoor Learning, the children have been using their flexible thinking and imagination to brew nature soup for the hungry animals preparing for hibernation. They also worked together to build a fire to warm their soup and roast autumn leaf marshmallows! The children have also been making the most of our beautiful Embley grounds on autumnal walks. They have enjoyed collecting treasures, jumping in puddles and discovering how the changing season is affecting the plants and wildlife. 

Our older Nursery children in Butterfly Class have been practising their fine motor skills by making conker chains. First, they created holes in their conkers with screwdrivers and they listened carefully to safety instructions. The children then threaded their conkers onto pipe cleaners ready to take home and display. In cooking, baking hedgehog rolls was a huge hit! The children enjoyed kneading the dough and rolling it into a hedgehog shape. They pinched the dough to create spikes and added raisin eyes as a finishing touch. 

Nursery investigated pumpkins as part of their ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World’ topic; they used all their senses and had fun scooping out all the seeds! They then turned their pumpkins into cauldron, making a magical brew that fizzed and sparkled. Finally, the children designed their own potions by adding other ingredients and pinches of glitter to create their own concoctions! 

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